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In the last 16 years, our professional home inspectors have served over 19,000 customers needing commercial or residential inspections. We are proud to provide Flagler Beach residents and commercial building owners with a comprehensive inspection report they can trust.

In Flagler Beach, it is no surprise that new and old homes alike need to be able to stand up to hurricanes and other forms of severe weather. However, it is equally important that the interior, exterior, and surrounding structures of a home are inspected for the safety and well being of its residents. That’s why we offer thorough home inspection services; so you can rest assured that your home is safe or take the necessary steps to repair it.

Similar to homes, commercial buildings in Flagler Beach need to be safe on a daily basis for their tenants and their tenants’ customers. Before a hurricane, a commercial building inspection can guide you on any necessary structural updates to prepare it for the storm. After a hurricane, an inspection may be necessary to assess any damage or to verify that the building is still safe for your tenants.



At Dream Home Inspection, we are happy to answer any questions and concerns about home or commercial inspections that you may have. You can reach a knowledgeable member of our inspection team by calling 386-383-3270 during our regular office hours or by filling out our online contact form.

Flagler Beach Home Inspector Team

Kris Skirrow

Kris Skirrow


Sean Skirrow (Vice President/COO Lead Home Inspector)

Sean Skirrow (Vice President/COO Lead Home Inspector)

Vice President/COO Lead Home Inspector

Luis Melendez

Luis Melendez

Licensed Flagler Beach Home Inspector

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