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Dream Home Inspections Service Locations

Based in Port Orange, Florida, Dream Home Inspection has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive home inspection services in the region. With a team of certified and experienced home inspectors, Dream Home Inspection is dedicated to providing clients with accurate and unbiased evaluations of their properties. Serving residential and commercial clients, Dream Home Inspection offers a range of inspection services, including 4-point inspections, wind mitigations, new construction inspections, and more. This article delves into the various services provided by Dream Home Inspection and the extensive service locations throughout Central Florida.

Service Offerings

  • Comprehensive Home Inspections:  Dream Home Inspection's primary service is conducting in-depth residential and commercial property evaluations. These inspections cover all of a property's major systems, including the structure, roof, electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. The goal is to provide clients with a thorough understanding of the property's condition, enabling them to make informed decisions about purchases or maintenance.

  • 4-Point Inspections: For clients who require a more focused evaluation, Dream Home Inspection offers 4-point inspections, which concentrate on the four main components of a property: the roof, electrical system, plumbing system, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This inspection is ideal for clients who want to assess the condition of these vital systems, typically for insurance purposes.

  • Wind Mitigations: In a region susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms, wind mitigation inspections are essential to ensure a property can withstand high-wind events. Dream Home Inspection's wind mitigation services evaluate the property's structural integrity and recommend improvements to minimize potential wind damage.

  • New Construction Inspections: Dream Home Inspection also specializes in inspecting newly-constructed properties. By conducting these inspections, the company helps clients identify potential construction defects or non-compliance with building codes, ensuring the safety and longevity of their investment.

Dream Home Inspection Service Locations

Dream Home Inspection is proud to serve many locations throughout Central Florida. The company's service areas include:

In addition to the towns and cities mentioned above, Dream Home Inspection is also available to serve clients in the surrounding communities throughout these counties.


Dream Home Inspection has built an excellent reputation by providing professional, reliable, and comprehensive home inspection services across Central Florida. With a team of experienced inspectors and an extensive range of services, Dream Home Inspection is the go-to choice for clients seeking accurate property evaluations. Whether you're a homeowner, prospective buyer, or real estate professional, Dream Home Inspection is committed to helping you make informed decisions about the properties you value.

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