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Local Home Inspection Company Fees

Dream Home Inspection stands out as a leader in the home inspection industry, offering unparalleled service that combines expertise, thoroughness, and value. Our commitment to excellence is reflected not just in the quality of our inspections, but also in our transparent and competitive fee schedule.

Why Choose Dream Home Inspection Over the Competition:

  • Comprehensive Services: Our inspections are exhaustive, covering every critical aspect of a property. From the foundation to the roof, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, and more, we ensure a complete assessment of the property's condition.

  • Advanced Technology and Techniques: Utilizing the latest technology, including thermal imaging and moisture meters, we can detect issues that might be invisible to the naked eye, setting us apart from many competitors.

  • Experienced and Certified Inspectors: Our team comprises industry veterans with extensive knowledge and certifications. This deep expertise means we can identify potential issues more accurately and provide insightful recommendations.

  • Detailed and Understandable Reports: We believe in clarity and transparency. Our inspection reports are comprehensive yet easy to understand, complete with high-quality photographs and detailed descriptions.

  • Client-Focused Approach: At Dream Home Inspection, customer satisfaction is paramount. We encourage clients to join the inspection process, offering an educational walkthrough and answering all questions.

  • Timeliness and Efficiency: Understanding the time-sensitive nature of real estate transactions, we offer prompt scheduling and efficient service, ensuring you receive your report promptly.

  • Post-Inspection Support: Our service extends beyond the inspection day. We are available for follow-up questions and support, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Transparent and Competitive Pricing: Our fee schedule is designed to provide exceptional value. You receive top-tier inspection services at competitive rates, ensuring your investment in our services brings peace of mind without excessive cost.

  • Positive Client Feedback: Our reputation is built on the satisfaction of our clients. The glowing testimonials and referrals we receive are a testament to the quality and reliability of our services.

  • Ethical Standards: We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, providing unbiased, accurate, and honest assessments.

When you choose Dream Home Inspection, you're not just hiring an inspector; you're gaining a reliable partner in your home buying or selling journey. Our expertise and fair pricing make us the ideal choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive, professional, and trustworthy home inspection service.

Home Inspections

Based on living square footage of the home. Includes 120 Day Extended Warranty.

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Condominium Inspections

As a seasoned Master Inspector, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a thorough condominium home inspection. It's not just about ticking off a list of items; it's about empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your future home.

What's Unique About Condo Inspections?

Unlike single-family homes, condominiums present a unique set of inspection considerations. Inspectors must assess the unit and the common areas, shared amenities, and overall building structure. This requires a deep understanding of condo-specific systems and regulations.

Our Comprehensive Approach

At Dream Home Inspection, we take a comprehensive approach to condo inspections, leaving no stone unturned. Here's a glimpse into our process:

  • Unit Inspection: We meticulously examine every aspect of your unit, from the kitchen appliances to the electrical system. We check for structural integrity, plumbing issues, and any potential safety hazards.

  • Common Areas: We venture beyond your unit to inspect shared spaces like hallways, lobbies, and parking garages. We assess their condition, cleanliness, and accessibility.

  • Building Structure: Our inspectors have a keen eye for structural issues that could affect the safety and value of the building. We examine the foundation, roof, exterior walls, and any visible signs of damage or deterioration.

  • Review of Documents: We carefully review condo association documents, including bylaws, financial statements, and meeting minutes. These provide valuable insights into the building's management, financial health, and upcoming assessments or repairs.

Benefits of a Condo Inspection

A thorough condo inspection offers numerous benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your potential home's condition gives you peace of mind before making a significant investment.

  • Negotiating Power: An inspection report can strengthen your negotiating position by identifying any issues that must be addressed before closing.

  • Avoid Costly Surprises: By uncovering potential problems early on, you can avoid costly repairs or unexpected expenses.

  • Informed Decision-Making: A comprehensive inspection gives you the information you need to decide whether the condo is the right fit for you.

Why Choose Dream Home Inspection?

Our team of Master Inspectors brings decades of experience and a commitment to excellence to every inspection. We use state-of-the-art tools and technology to provide a detailed, easy-to-understand report.

Protect your investment and ensure the safety of your future home with a comprehensive condo inspection from Dream Home Inspection. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and unlock the secrets of your dream condo.

Together, let's turn your homeownership dreams into a reality, one inspection at a time.

Based on the number of bedrooms in a high-rise condominium

Insurance Inspections

As a Master Inspector, I've conducted thousands of inspections. However, insurance inspections require a unique skill set. Let me give you an inside look at what makes them different.

What is an Insurance Inspection?

Insurance inspections are performed at the request of insurance companies. The goal is to assess any pre-existing damage or conditions that could impact insurability or future claims. This helps insurance underwriters determine risk levels and set appropriate premiums.

A More Thorough Scope

Unlike typical home inspections, insurance inspections examine areas beyond the living spaces, like the attic, crawlspace, and roof. We document the condition and take photos of any damage - from small cracks to larger structural issues. This level of documentation is key for insurers.

Focus on Risk Factors

In addition to reporting on the physical condition, we pay close attention to risk factors like location, age of home, roof type, plumbing/electrical systems, and any prior claims. This risk assessment helps insurers understand potential vulnerabilities and liabilities.

Detailed Reporting

Our reports for insurers go beyond a pass/fail checklist. We provide highly detailed narratives and clear photos so underwriters fully comprehend existing conditions and potential repair costs if needed.

Value for Homeowners Too

While primarily serving insurers, homeowners also benefit from these comprehensive inspections. You gain insight into your home's overall condition to make informed maintenance decisions and budget for future repairs.

At Dream Home Inspection, our specialized process and technical expertise help insurance companies make well-informed decisions - and homeowners rest assured that their risks are properly understood. Contact us to discuss an insurance inspection for your home.

Required by most insurance companies. Offers potential annual savings on insurance premiums if your home qualifies.

Additional Services

To be performed in combination with your home inspection. Please call for pricing for additional services listed below

Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection

A Florida WDO (Wood Destroying Organism) inspection is a specialized examination conducted by licensed professionals to identify the presence or evidence of wood-destroying organisms on a property. In Florida, where the climate is conducive to the activity of these organisms, such inspections are particularly critical for homeowners and potential buyers. This service is not just about checking for visible damage but also uncovering hidden threats that could seriously compromise the structural integrity and safety of a building over time.

Why is a Florida WDO Inspection Important?

Florida's humid environment creates ideal conditions for various wood-destroying organisms, including termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and wood-decaying fungi. These pests can cause extensive damage to wooden structures, often without immediate detection by the property owner. A WDO inspection aims to identify these issues early, allowing for corrective action before the damage becomes extensive and costly.

What Does a Florida WDO Inspection Include?

  • Termites: The inspection looks for signs of subterranean, dry wood, and damp wood termites, which are prevalent in Florida. Signs include mud tubes, damaged wood, and termite wings.

  • Powder Post Beetles: The inspection aims to identify tiny, round holes and fine, powdery sawdust indicative of an active beetle infestation.

  • Wood-Decaying Fungi: Inspectors look for areas of softened, discolored, or crumbling wood, which signify fungal decay, often arising from prolonged exposure to moisture.

  • Inspection of Accessible Areas: The inspector examines all areas where WDO damage is likely, including attics, crawlspaces, basements, and exterior areas of the property.

  • Detailed Report: The inspector provides a comprehensive report detailing the findings following the inspection. The report outlines the type of organisms found, the extent and location of the damage, and recommendations for treatment or repairs.

Who Requires a Florida WDO Inspection?

While any homeowner might request a WDO inspection for peace of mind, these inspections are most commonly associated with purchasing and selling a property. Mortgage lenders often require a clean WDO inspection report before finalizing real estate transactions in Florida. This stipulation helps protect the investment of both the lender and the buyer.

Choosing the Right WDO Inspection Service

Given the importance of accurate detection and reporting, selecting a highly qualified and experienced inspection service is vital. A licensed professional, well-versed in Florida's specific conditions and the behavior of local wood-destroying organisms, will ensure a thorough and reliable inspection.

In Florida, a WDO inspection is more than just a procedural step in a real estate transaction—it's an essential measure for protecting one's property and financial investment against hidden dangers. With the right expertise, homeowners and buyers can address any identified issues promptly, preserving the safety, integrity, and value of Florida homes.

The most destructive WDO is termites. We contract with a licensed pest control company who arrives onsite with our team during your home inspection. Prices are based on total square footage for single family homes.

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