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Do I Need A Home Inspection?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

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Home inspection services are described as "a restricted visual examination and inspection of the following readily accessible installed systems, components, of a home" carried out by a certified home inspector under Florida Statute 468.8311. These things consist of the following but may not be limited to: Electrical System,

HVAC System, Roof Coverings, Plumbing

Interior and exterior components

Before closing, anyone purchasing a house or condo in Florida should have it thoroughly inspected by a licensed home inspection company. It is not uncommon for a home buyer to have many FAQs to ask the home inspection company. In reality, every standard residential real estate contract in Florida contains a clause allowing the buyer a period to see the home to decide whether or not they like it. Including this clause in every standard contract is exceptionally beneficial to the buyer, but only if they use their rights wisely.

After closing, the most frequent complaint we receive from buyers regarding sellers is that the seller failed to disclose something that materially affected the property's value (i.e., roof, plumbing, mold, etc.). Unfortunately, we cannot assist many of the buyers who have complained because they either neglected to conduct an inspection, used a shady inspection company, or were not provided with a property disclosure form by the seller at the time their real estate contract was signed. In Heinseight, their realtor failed to inform them they should require a seller to provide the seller's disclosure form as part of the real estate contract).

Here are some of my explanations as to why a Florida home buyer, particularly one who is brand-new to Florida, should have a home inspection performed before making a purchase regarding Buying property in Florida:

A Documented Report of a Homes Findings

Home inspection report image

A home inspector is required by Florida law to offer a documented professional assessment of the state of the house they are inspecting. The written report examines all of the property's systems and components (as described above), discusses their conditions, and includes an estimate of how much it would cost to fix each item. This written inspection report is crucial for a buyer to negotiate repairs or repair credits with the seller and learn the status of various systems and components. This is imperative for a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor.

Hidden Concerns, deficiencies, and Defects

Although it is a legal requirement for sellers and their real estate agents to disclose any problems with the property, they knew about or should have known about; this does not guarantee that the seller will fulfill their obligation to report any undiscovered flaws to the buyer. The best way to confirm any claims made by the seller regarding the state of the property is to have a written home inspection. The home inspection report also enables the buyer to identify problems that the seller might have not been aware of at the time of the contract.

Home inspections are affordable.

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A lot of buyers are worried about minimizing closing fees. Being fiscally responsible while buying a property is a good idea. Therefore, prospective purchasers should know that hiring a professional house inspector here in Florida is relatively inexpensive.

Of course, there is yet to be a set price for a reliable house inspection. Buyers should be aware of any inspection service that promises a fixed price, and they should inquire about the inspection firm in advance about the scope of the inspection and the inspection services they provide (ask to see a sample inspection report ahead of time). Be sure to check the company's online reviews on various platforms.

The inspection's actual price will vary depending on several variables. The size, location, and age of the home can all affect how much an inspection will cost. The examination's complexity and cost will likely increase due to improvements like docks, pools, and pilings.

A simple house inspection in Florida should cost between $200 and $1500 and can vary depending on the assessment level one may want. A home inspection is cost-effective compared to the knowledge it can confirm a house's condition and offer to a buyer.

Double-Checked Repairs

Prudent buyers can specify requirements in their sales contract requiring the seller to undertake specific repairs to the property before closing. In addition to confirming that repairs are needed, a home inspection can also check, upon reinspection (this service should be included in the contract with the home inspection company), whether the agreed-upon repairs have been carried out satisfactorily.

Qualified Eyes of a Professional

Home inspectors in Florida are required to hold a license from the state. Florida law mandates that they

Complete a 120-hour course of study that the department has approved, pass a department-approved exam, and pass a background check for criminal activity.

In Florida, home inspections must be performed by someone who has passed an exam and demonstrated familiarity with concerns, including moisture penetration, inadequate insulation, ventilation, electrical systems, plumbing systems, energy efficiency, etc.

Inspection for Termites

Termite damage to a house — Vector

Florida residents who own homes should be aware of the damage that termites may do and should confirm that their inspection company is qualified or has sub-contractors to look for termites. To prevent future harm to the home's structure, it's critical to choose a business that will thoroughly inspect the property and remove the pests, if necessary.

A special license is required by Florida law for persons who conduct termite or "wood-destroying organisms" inspections. These WDO inspectors have Florida Statute 468.83 licenses.

The WDO inspector is qualified to look for many items that can damage the wood and timber that make up the home's structure. They inspect primarily for decaying wood fungi, Subterranean termites, old house borers, dry wood termites, and powder post beetles.

It is not legally mandatory for the licensed home inspector to check for termites. Furthermore, they typically need more credentials to do so.

WDO Inspectors are required to work for a registered pest management firm. They must possess a legitimate Florida license that lists them as "a pest control operator" and includes a state license number. Florida Statute 482.021 is cited.

Moisture Detection.

Due to the nature of the soil itself, there is a considerable risk of flooding in various areas of Volusia County, Florida. For instance, flooding is a known risk in The Daytona Beach Areas, particularly during hurricanes or intense storms.

A surveyor, engineer, or architect may create a flood elevation certificate per Florida law, but a home inspector is not permitted to do so. However, an inspector can find typical indications of flooding, such as stains on a garage's walls, roof locations, plumbing access points, or other areas a moisture meter can be used.

To obtain flood insurance, an elevation certificate that details the elevation level of the property and the house is required. The flood elevation of your home will determine the cost of your flood insurance premium.

Additional Safety Provided By Professional Insurance

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Please note that a home purchase is a considerable investment. A home inspection is affordable in terms of the benefits it can provide. If you require a home inspection company, contact us. Since 2004, Dream Home Inspection LLC has been a family-run business. Dream Home Inspection has completed over 23,000 residential, commercial, and insurance inspections. Our home inspectors are well educated with an acute eye for detail, Florida State licensed, NACHI certified, and insured. Our cutting-edge CRM Report software provides a digital interactive report with photographs and videos that covers comprehensive information about your home. You can reach our committed office team Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm for assistance at every stage of your home purchasing needs.

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