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Why do I need a Pre- Drywall Inspection?

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Getting a pre-drywall inspection is essential whether you are building a new home or thinking about buying one. This check helps make sure that your house is built to the correct standards.

What Is an Inspection Before Drywall?

A professional does a pre-drywall inspection before putting up the drywall. The assessment can happen after the insulation is put in, but it may block some areas as drywall does. So, you should have an inspection before installing the drywall so the inspector can see everything.

How much does an inspection before drywall cost?

The price will depend on the inspector you hire, but you can expect to pay about two hundred dollars or more depending on the size of the home or project.

During a pre-drywall inspection, what are you looking for?

home with unfinished drywall

During an inspection before drywall is put up, the following will be looked at:

Floors and foundations

Electrical System of Walls

Wall studs, roof, HVAC, and waterproofing


An inspector can look at any part of your house that you ask them to. This is important before the drywall goes up to ensure everything is up to code.

Five Advantages of a Pre-Drywall Inspection: Takes care of any problems: If there are any problems, they can be fixed before the drywall is put up. Once the drywall is up, fixing problems inside the house is more challenging. Also, it would be expensive to take down the drywall after installing it.

Check for any changes: If you want to add something extra to your home, like outlets, light switches, or recessed lighting, your inspector can ensure that these things are there before the drywall goes up. This is because some things are easier to add before the drywall gets hung.

Visualization: Most of the time, your inspector will take pictures as they check out your home. But during the inspection, you can take pictures to find out where the plumbing, gas, and electric lines are. You can also take photos of the wall studs to help you decide where to put decorations.

The workmanship on display: With a pre-drywall inspection, you can check the work of the electricians, plumbers, roofers, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) team. This lets the inspector see that the suitable materials were used and put correctly.

Peace of mind: Once the pre-drywall inspection is completed, you will have a written record of any problems, and you can write down how they were fixed. Having something written down gives you something to look back on and peace of mind that your home is safe for you and your family.

Getting a pre-drywall inspection is an excellent investment in your home, your safety, and your family's safety.

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